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About Pollard Helium, LLC

Founded in Mid-2017, Pollard Helium LLC has and continues to secure new untapped helium acreage throughout North America, in anticipation of the depletion of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Helium Reserve in 2020-2021. With proprietary new techniques and software, Pollard Helium LLC has been able to quickly and efficiently identify new helium acreage with very little down risk.

Arizona Acreage:

Pollard Helium LLC. is actively developing its Arizona acreage where Helium Concentrations have exceeded 12% in tests. Once fully developed, we will have the ability to service the West Coast and its ports with high purity helium.

Additional Acreage:

Pollard Helium LLC continues to acquire additional acreage in states from Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas and New Mexico through its other companies and intends to develop its growing assets after the depletion of the BLM Helium Reserve in Amarillo, TX.

About our Co-Founder/Operator

Josh Pollard, a Prior-Service Marine, and Disabled Veteran has worked in the Oil and Gas industry since 2010. Born and raised in Texas, he co-founded Pollard Helium LLC., along with his Father, Charles Pollard, in the summer of 2017, in McKinney, TX.