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Why Helium is important

Without Helium, or with a shortage of Helium, today’s Doctors, Pilots, and Welders, Researchers and Engineers will not be able to function as efficiently, without paying a significantly higher price to ensure they are using top-notch equipment, and of course, it all rolls down hill to the consumer. Prices increase for the consumer when prices increase for the service provider. Below you can see that Helium is used in a much higher volume than we may realize.

Helium Usage

Respiration condition treatments

“Heliox”, a mixture of Helium and Oxygen allows people with respiratory issues to breathe easier, as the Helium reduces the compaction of airways, allowing less air resistance

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

MRI machines and the like use super powered magnets, that must be cooled consistently, to produce high quality images of the internal body, because of its low boiling point, helium is the preferred method of magnet cooling for these machines

Internet and Cable

Fiber optic cables, which make possible the high speed internet and cable everyone has come to enjoy and rely on, are made in a pure helium atmosphere, thus ensuring no air bubbles get inside of the cables


Helium acts as a heat transferring agent, that allows for a more consistent weld, allowing more accuracy

Party Balloons

The “weightless” gas, combined with a few balloons has always been the symbol of celebrations

Leakage detection

From holes in hulls of ships to the lining of air conditioners inside of a car


Helium ion microscopes are the preferred tool for scientists, because of the much higher quality and resolution that they produce, compared to a traditional electron microscope

Scuba diving equipment

A mixture of Oxygen and Helium make it safe and easy for Divers to breathe and adapt in a pressurized environment


Helium has the ability to inflate quickly, making it a great choice for instantaneous deployment of airbags

Making funny voices

Everyone knows the familiar “chipmunk” effect that inhaling Helium has on voices

Hard drive storage - *arising phenomenon*

Companies that use massive amounts of digital storage have been switching to drives that contain helium, and have found significant increase in efficiency and productivity

Quick Helium FACTs

– Helium is the 2nd most abundant gas, released from beneath the earth’s surface, but, cannot be collected once escaped into the atmosphere.

– Helium is a chemical element with an atomic mass of 2, the 2nd element in the periodic table, and the first of the Noble Gases (which means it does not interact chemically with other elements)

– Helium has the lowest boiling point of any other element (at -452.07° Fahrenheit!)

– Helium was discovered in 1868 by a French Astronomer by the name of Jules Janssen, during a solar eclipse, which he at first, mistook as Sodium.

– You cannot see (with the naked eye), taste or smell Helium.